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The Globalist War on Individualism - Charlotte Iserbyt - 'Skull & Bones'

All cogs in the machine are interchangeable. They do not need to be educated or graded, merely placed. That is the philosophy of the globalist elite - pertaining to you.
This is what you are to the globalist ultra-rich elitists. An exploitable "human resource"; and ultimately, a disposable one.
This film is a fine piece based on interviews with Charlotte Iserbyt, covering the use of US public schools for political brainwashing, psychological profiling, and emotional manipulation for a Marxist collectivist agenda. Charlotte Iserbyt is an expert on this subject, having been been appointed to a top post in the NEA with access to the entire documented history of that institution.
In US public schools, children are being exposed to emotional manipulation and reprogramming techniques developed by B. F. Skinner and Dr. Bloom, who openly admits that the purpose is to change the "thoughts, actions, and feelings of students - to alter their fixed beliefs." Touches upon the banning of the "Back to Basics" program, the merging of Soviet and American education systems, cooperation of the OSS (CIA) and the Ford Foundation, regionalism as a means to remove political control from communities, "change agents" and social manipulation.
Charlotte Iserbyt has a unique perspective as the daughter of a Skull and Bones member. She has long had access to Skull and Bones secretive literature and materials, as well as first-hand knowledge of what members actually do. Charlottes morality compelled her to investigate and then to divulge what this secret organization is doing to our government and our nation. She has worked alongside scholars like Antony Sutton to expose the concealed treachery of the group's actions.
Personalities discussed: Wilhelm Wundt, Pavlov, G. Stanley Hall ("Redefining Man as an Animal"); Carnegie, Rockefeller, and their funding of Hopkins Medical School's anti-individualism team Coit Gilman, John Dewey, William Welch, E. L. Thorndike, James E. Russell, Charles Judd, and James McCattell.
Charlotte Iserbyt discusses the critical work "The Leipzig Connection" by Paolo Lionni (among the PDF files below).

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Run time 57 minutes 60 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, color


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